US Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson

Ambassador of the United States of America to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 19 April 2018

Following in a long tradition of US Ambassadors speaking to the Atlantic Partnership, His Excellency Mr Robert Johnson spoke to the Atlantic Partnership on the 19th April 2018. Speaking about the relationship between the UK and US, Ambassador Johnson stated that the Special Relationship is extremely strong and robust. Furthermore, he described President Trump as an enthusiastic ally of the UK. Ambassador Johnson set out his two core priorities for his time in the role: prosperity and security.

Ambassador Johnson noted the improving economic situation in the US which includes rising numbers of people who are in jobs as well as an increase in manufacturing. The Ambassador drew attention to the Embassy’s increased focus on supporting British companies through ‘SelectUSA’. This project will help companies move into the US market and demonstrates that the US is open for business, said the Ambassador.

On security, the Ambassador referred to the historic and ongoing closeness between the US and UK on matters of defence and intelligence. The Ambassador viewed this partnership as more important than ever in the light of shared threats and challenges we face.