About Atlantic Partnership

Atlantic Partnership exists to educate the public in national and international political and economic issues, including those values and ideals of good governance and constructive relations between countries, particularly but not exclusively those in the transatlantic community embracing Europe and North America. It is a non-partisan organisation and does not seek to inculcate or promote a particular point of view.

The Atlantic Partnership
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and Atlantic Partnership President Lord Howard.

Atlantic Partnership is not a membership organisation, does not charge any fees for participation in its events or remunerate its speakers. Its resources are correspondingly modest. But within them it aims to bring together diverse audiences whom it believes will benefit from the opportunity to listen and debate with its invited speakers and apply the lessons learned to their own particular challenges in the broad areas of public policy and international relations.

Atlantic Partnership (whose registered name is the Atlantic Education Project) is a registered charity in England and Wales. Atlantic Partnership was first established in the UK in 2001. Its Chair is former UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Previous Chairs are David Cameron and Lord Powell.  More details under Who We Are.