AP People

Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen is the Electronic Communications Manager at the International Post Corporation. She joined Atlantic Partnership (AP) in December 2007 as a Project Manager for US Programs. She was responsible for aiding in the development of communication strategies to further AP’s core mission of sustaining a nonpartisan forum that fosters open and informed debate about the transatlantic relationship. Amy also assisted with a variety of projects, including developing and maintaining AP’s web site, and aiding with AP’s biannual newsletter and other publications.

Aside from her work with AP, Amy has more than fifteen years of communications experience, working as a reporter, editor, and online communications manager for a number of publications and organizations in both the nonprofit and corporate world, including Army Times, The McGraw-Hill Companies, and the United Hospital Fund of New York City. Amy has Bachelors degrees in Political Science and History from the University of California , Los Angeles. She has worked as the Manager of Communication Services for the Institute for Defense Analyses and recently completed a Masters Degree in Communications from the Johns Hopkins University.